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Grandparents Visit Grahamwood

Barbara Paris (1st grade) and Rachel Helton (2nd grade) hosted a Grandparent Day celebration in their Optional classrooms on Friday, September 9th in honor of national Grandparents Day.

Ms. Helton stated, “I feel it is important to invite grandparents into the classroom because they sometimes feel left out of the educational process. Grandparents who visit my room do activities such as being interviewed by their grandkids, where the students learn more about their grandparents’ lives.”

In all over 50 grandparents and grandparent surrogates (visitors for those students without available grandparents) attended. Snacks were served and attendees learned about the daily routine of the students, recent activities, and students and grandparents worked together on cooperative projects.

Ms. Paris said, “I have hosted Grandparent Day celebrations for 25 years. Many of the grandparents who visited are actually former Grahamwood students. The grandparents compared and contrasted how elementary school is today as to how it was when they were in school.” This is one of the many traditions that makes the educational experience unique at Grahamwood Elementary School.

Principal Pete Johnson summed it up by saying, “The students were thrilled to have their grandparents spend a day with them in their classroom. It is fun events like this that keep students interested in school and engaged in the learning process.”

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