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Children Fitness Guru & Author Road Trip’s It to Grahamwood!

Nationally renowned children’s fitness guru and author Steve Ettinger, at the request of 1st grade Optional teacher Tracy Payne, paid a visit to Grahamwood Elementary to provide a morning of creative workouts and exercise advice. He interacted with all of Grahamwood’s K-5th grade students, imparting upon them the importance of quality exercise and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

In addition to hosting fitness seminars, Steve Ettinger has been featured in numerous national publications and has authored his first award winning book, Wallie Exercises. He is also a trained Behavior Therapist who travels the country speaking to children, parents and educators on how to develop a healthy, happy, and an actively engaged fitness mentality.

“This is the kind of program we stress at Grahamwood Elementary School,” states Principal Pete Johnson. “One that not only educates but raises up the whole child. We were thrilled to have Mr. Ettinger give freely of his time to our students!”

Learn more about Steve Ettinger here:

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