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Pre-K CLUE Thrives at Grahamwood Elementary School!

Pre-Kindergarten CLUE is beginning its second year at Grahamwood Elementary. The program, led by educator extraordinaire Janis Pankey, is growing by leaps and bounds. This year we expect to max out at 40 students participating in the program.

“We are proud to have Pre-K CLUE as one of our academic options,” states Principal Pete Johnson. “Ms. Pankey is amazing and I am always amazed at the high level she gets these young students perform at.”

Children qualify for Pre-K CLUE by testing in as state qualified gifted students. Most of her students are 4 years old. These students meet twice a week at Grahamwood Elementary for a total of 5 hours of advanced academic instruction and discovery learning, specifically designed to challenge their gifted abilities. Many of these students go on to qualify for Grahamwood’s Optional program.

If you are interested in finding out more or applying for Pre-K CLUE, please contact Dr. Tommie Yelvington at 901.416.0155.

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