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Hundreds Attend Grahamwood’s Remarkable ESL Night!

Grahamwood’s Cultural Diversity on Display.

ESL Night attendees are provided a plethora of information.

As September ended, Grahamwood Elementary held its annual ESL Night. ESL teachers welcome our ESL learners and their families to a night fun, food, information, and community-school bonding. Approximately 300 attendees were treated to performances by ESL students’ Flags of the World, Chinese Aftercare ang, Bollywood Club danced, Grahamwood’s Cheerleaders cheered, Class Piano played, and door prizes were awarded. ESL teacher Robbin Gunn said, “Each year we bring a wide range of community organizations together in one place for our parents. This allows them access and a chance to get information and answer questions that otherwise might be out of their reach.” Grahamwood is an extraordinary diverse school with families from Venezuela, Honduras, Mexico, China, Korea, Vietnam, India, Russia, Croatia, Kenya, Somalia, Egypt, and many other places. One parent was overheard saying, “Grahamwood’s students look like the world!” Additionally, two dozen community sponsors joined us to provide information and offer services to Grahamwood families. Some of these were the Midtown Legal Clinic, Family Safety Center, Catholic Charities, U.S. Citizenship & Immigration Services, Multi-National Ministries, and MLGW. Families enjoyed pizza, fruit, beverages and snacks. “Diversity is one of strengthens that makes Grahamwood a great Shelby County School,” states Principal Pete Johnson. “We welcome and celebrate this uniqueness daily.” All in all, Grahamwood’s ESL Night was a wonderful success!

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