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Grahamwood Focuses on Health & Safety.

Grahamwood Elementary School throughout the year hosts safety and health oriented learning opportunities for our students. For example, Guidance Counselor Kimberly Henderson has been sponsoring a three-part program by the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office for the 4th grade students that focuses on helping children make smart choices. Discussions between students and Sheriff Officers have covered age appropriate topics such as bullying,

truancy, and curfews for minors. Upon completing the program, students will earn a badge and certificate.

Similarly, P.E. teacher Andrew Martin arranged for an anti-smoking presentation coordinated by the organization #WeDon’tPuff and the Shelby County Health Department. Students in 4th and 5th grade were presented with factual information on the dangers of first, second, and third hand smoke. “Students were engaged in an open dialogue that allowed them to better comprehend the perils of tobacco,” stated Martin. “Students accepted the pledge of ‘We Don’t Puff’ and left with a fuller understanding of the dangers of smoking.” Grahamwood strives every day to ensure our students make healthy and safe lifestyle choices.

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