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Rapper RobenX Disses Bullying.

Memphis-based rapper RobenX payed Grahamwood Elementary’s aftercare programs a visit to share his anti-bullying message. Throughout grade school, RobenX was bullied and called names because of his albinism. In fact, at age 9 he was knocked unconscious by a group of middle school bullies. This treatment led Robdarious Brown to create his alter ego and stage presence RobenX, as a way to escape his torments. Today, he raps about his struggle to overcome pain and depression. “If I die today, I know why I was born,” says RobenX. “I was born to speak out against bullying, build awareness about albinism, and share my love for music with the world.” His story and music were welcomed by Grahamwood’s students. RobenX’s next stop will be Geneva, Switzerland where he will share his message with the United Nations’ Human Rights Council.

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