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Grahamwood is AMPED

We are excited to inform you that Grahamwood Elementary was selected as one of only 25 schools in the nation to receive the AMPED award. This award will encourage and incentivize our students to exercise and achieve.

Grahamwood Elementary was one of only 25 schools nationwide selected by PHIT America to receive its AMPED grant to get students engaged and active. “The grant is worth around $4,000 and comes with thousands of incentives to give our kids who participate in this program,” says Coach Martin. “I'll receive a stereo system and other pieces of equipment from the grant to aid in putting the program together.” The main goal of AMPED is to get students active through walking and running several days a week prior to the start of school to promote a healthy lifestyle and encourage achievement. “At Grahamwood, we are all very excited that Coach Martin is bringing another high quality program to our school that will undoubtedly benefit our students,” stated Principal Pete Johnson.

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