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Enriched Academics at Grahamwood

Grahamwood 2nd graders show off their habitat dioramas.

All of Grahamwood Elementary’s 2nd grade classrooms just finished a unit study on habitats. They completed the state and district mandated curriculum, addressing all of the required standards and then, our students kept on extending their learning. They created dioramas depicting a habitat they chose to study, showing they could apply what they had learned. During this study, Optional students read books that had different habitats as their settings. They pulled the information out of these texts and used this research to create a book report. To work on their public speaking skills, the students presented their reports to the class using their dioramas as visual aids. Finally, as a culminating event each year, our Optional students take a field trip to the Wolf River, Shelby Farms, or Overton Park where they see wetlands, old growth forest, and similar type areas in order to experience what they just finished studying. Immersing our students in an enriched academic environment, where they research, create, demonstrate, apply, and experience topics presented in the curriculum is what makes learning at Grahamwood unique and exceptional.

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