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Biography Month at Grahamwood

Students prepare to present for Biography Month

February is Biography Month for Grahamwood’s Optional 2nd graders. Throughout the month, students read at least 8 biographies about famous people. Students read a wide range of books on Presidents and Scientists to athletes and artists. At the end of the month they narrow down who they want to research. Then, using the research, students write a speech in first person as though they are that famous person. They create a costume and on the day of the Biography Parade, students parade onto the stage and present who they are to peers and parents. “Students are so proud to give their presentations,” says 2nd grade teacher Sylvia Albert. Fellow teacher Leslie Cain adds, “Having each student come to life as their "person” helps them to better remember facts about who they researched. Also, the students teach their peers about various people in history who have contributed to society in a powerful way.”

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