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Teachers & Assistants

Sharon Long

  • Birthday: November 9th

  • Favorite Snack: Dark Chocolate with Almonds

  • Favorite Restaurant:PF Changs, Chick-fil-A

  • Favorite Store: Amazon

  • Favorite Color: Green

  • Classroom Needs: Zip Locks, Play Dough, Glue Sticks

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Cecilia Booker

  • Birthday: April 8

  • Favorite Snack: Chocolate

  • Favorite Restaurant:

  • Favorite Store: Amazon, Target, Walmart

  • Favorite Color: Purple

  • Classroom Needs: Play Dough, Washable Paint, Class Carpet

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Megan Edwards

  • Birthday: April 27

  • Favorite Snack: Reese's Peanut Butter Cups , Chips & Dip

  • Favorite Restaurant: Hueys, Chick-Fil-A

  • Favorite Store: Target, Amazon

  • Favorite Color: Pink, Lime green

  • Classroom Needs: Laminating Sheets, Colored Copy Paper, Books

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Allyson Minahan

  • Birthday: March 31

  • Favorite Snack: Starbucks, Fruit, Nuts, Anything Caramel

  • Favorite Restaurant: Red Lobster, Starbucks

  • Favorite Store: Walmart, Amazon, Marshalls

  • Favorite Color: Orange

  • Classroom Needs: Bookshelf, Card Stock, Typing Paper, Vacuum, Dry Erase Markers 

Megan Morris

  • Birthday: August 23

  • Favorite Snack: Fruit, Goldfish, Dark Chocolate

  • Favorite Restaurant: Huey's, Memphis Pizza Cafe, Starbucks

  • Favorite Store:Target, Amazon

  • Favorite Color: Pink

  • Classroom Needs: Paper, Crayola Markers, Cardstock, Astrobrights, Dry Erase Markers, Bookshelf, Chapter Books

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Lindsey Gibbons

  • July 10

  • Favorite Snack: Popcorn, Iced Mocha Latte, Nuts, Chip/Dip

  • Favorite Restaurant: ChickFilA, Memphis Pizza Cafe, Starbucks

  • Favorite Store: Amazon, Target

  • Favorite Color: Green

  • Classroom Needs: Astrobright Colored Paper, Laminating Sheets, Dust Buster, Air Purifier Filter

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Elizabeth Rudolph

  • Birthday: April 5

  • Favorite Snack: Iced coffee, chips & Salsa, Queso, Guac

  • Favorite Restaurant:Torchey’s, Chick-fil-A, Hog & Hominy, Brookhaven Pub

  • Favorite Store: Target, Novel, Amazon

  • Favorite Color: Light Blue

  • Classroom Needs: Laminating Sheets, Astrobrights, Magnets, Vacuum, Dusters

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Leigh Stone

  • Birthday: July 24

  • Favorite Snack: Chips/Dip, Chocolate, Nuts

  • Favorite Restaurant: ChickFilA, Road House, Little Italy

  • Favorite Store: Amazon, Walmart

  • Favorite Color: 

  • Classroom Needs: Cardstock, Magnets for Board, Color copy paper, Books

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Barbara Paris

  • Birthday: February 2nd

  • Favorite Snack: Grapes, Peaches, Sold Pretzels, Rikis Cookie Corner

  • Favorite Restaurant: Texas Roadhouse, Olive Garden, Whataburger

  • Favorite Store: Dillards, J. Jill

  • Favorite Color: Yellow & Blue

  • Classroom Needs: Anchor Charts, Whole Class Alphabet Rug

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Cameshia Chambers

  • Birthday: May 30th

  • Favorite Snack: Twix, Coke, Cookies & Cream Hershey Bar

  • Favorite Restaurant: Chick fil a

  • Favorite Store: Target, Victoria Secret, Amazon

  • Favorite Color: Pink

  • Classroom Needs: Dry Erase Markers, Pencil Pouches, Student White Board Erasers

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Arnett Davis

  • 1st Grade Teacher

  • Favorite Snack: Popcorn, Plan Ruffles

  • Favorite Restaurant:Chick-Fil-A, Sonic

  • Favorite Store: Target, Walmart

  • Favorite Team: Chicago Bears

  • Favorite Color: Blue

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Emily Easley

  • Favorite Snack: fruit, Trader Joes PB Cups

  • Favorite Restaurant:Chickfila, Gus's, Soul Fish, Torchys

  • Favorite Store: TJ Maxx, Target

  • Favorite Color: Blue

  • Classroom Needs: Dry Erase Markers, Smelly Markers, Pencil Pouches

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April Graves

  • Birthday: July 14th

  • Favorite Snack: Pickles, popcorn, gummy bears

  • Favorite Restaurant:Houstons, MugShot, Flight, Chicken Sal, Ck. 

  • Favorite Store: Target, Torrid, Kroger, Gas Station

  • Favorite Color: Coral & Navy

  • Classroom Needs: Sanitizer, Disinfectant Spray, Book Boxes

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Lakavia Hall

  • January 28th

  • Favorite Snack: Skinny Pop, Granola

  • Favorite Restaurant:Houston's, Olive Garden, Flight

  • Favorite Store: Walmart, Target, Amazon

  • Favorite Color: Royal Blue & Purple

  • Classroom Needs: Snacks, Hand Sanitizer, Disinfectant Spray

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Ashley Bayne

  • October 26th

  • Favorite Snack: Salt & Vinegar Chips, Chocolate, Pickles

  • Favorite Restaurant: Hog & Hominy

  • Favorite Store: Target, Zara, Walmart

  • Favorite Color: Green

  • Classroom Needs: Dry Erase Markers, Chart paper, Teachers Pay Teachers GC

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Molly Fullick

  • Birthday: January 28th

  • Favorite Snack: Dark Chocolate Almonds, Snickers, Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

  • Favorite Restaurant: Redlands, Coastal Fish

  • Favorite Store: Target, Amazon

  • Favorite Color: Purple

  • Classroom Needs: Manipulatives, White boards, Colored Copy paper

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Ashleigh Chaskelson

  • Birthday: July 29

  • Favorite Snack: Fruit, Cheese Cubes, Wheat Thins, Raw Veggies, Hummus, Reeses Cups

  • Favorite Restaurant:McAlister’s, Olive Garden, Lennys, Moe's

  • Favorite Store: Bath & Body Works

  • Favorite Team: Purple

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Leslie Cain

  • Birthday: October 23

  • Favorite Snack: Oranges, Nuts

  • Favorite Restaurant: Ciao Bella, Babalu, Holiday Ham

  • Favorite Store: Bella Vita, Macys, Pickering Boxwood, Target

  • Favorite Color: Neutrals

  • Classroom Needs: Pencils, Copy Paper, Construction Paper, Index Cards

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Artis Walker

  • Birthday: January 17

  • Favorite Snack: Plain Chips, Pecans, Grapes

  • Favorite Restaurant: Carrabbas

  • Favorite Store: Anything Online

  • Favorite Color: Sky Blue

  • Classroom Needs: Classroom Printer

Carolyn Mendillo

  • Birthday: Feb. 16th

  • Favorite Snack: Nuts, Cheese & Cracker

  • Favorite Restaurant: Sonic, Chick-fil-A, Hueys

  • Favorite Store: Burlington, Kohl's

  • Favorite Color: Purple

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Janice Middlebrook

  • Birthday: February 19

  • Favorite Snack: Healthy Snacks

  • Favorite Restaurant: Longhorn, Carrabba's, Holiday Ham

  • Favorite Store: Nordstorm Rack, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Target

  • Favorite Color: Pink/ Green, Black

  • Classroom Needs: Wordly Wise Workbook, Knowledge Tree GC

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Kenneth Parker

  • Birthday: July 3rd

  • Favorite Snack: Cheddar Sour Cream Chips

  • Favorite Restaurant: Bryants, Taco Bell

  • Favorite Store: Target

  • Favorite Color: Blue, Orange

  • Classroom Needs: Supplies, Markers, Crayons, Chair Bags

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Laurel O'Neil

  • Favorite Snack:Cliff Bars, Peanut Butter Crackers, Coke Zero

  • Favorite Restaurant: Germantown Commissary

  • Favorite Store: Barnes & Nobel; Knowledge Tree; Target

  • Favorite Color: Light Blue & Pink

  • Classroom Needs: Copy Paper, Pencils, Pens, Sharpies, Erasers

Bernadette Buckhalter-Whitley

  • Birthday: March 23

  • Favorite Snack: Kettle Corn, M&M, Mounds w/ almonds

  • Favorite Restaurant: Folks Folley, Buckleys, Outback, ChickFilA

  • Favorite Store: Target, Dillards, Amazon

  • Favorite Color: Brown, Blue

  • Classroom Needs: Crayons

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Tawanda Cason

  • Birthday: August 4th

  • Favorite Snack: Skinny Pop, Trail Mix, Pop Chips

  • Favorite Restaurant: TX Roadhouse, Chipotle, ChickFilA

  • Favorite Store: Hobby Lobby

  • Favorite Color: Green

  • Classroom Needs: Copy Paper, 

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Kamia Franklin

  • Birthday: January 10

  • Favorite Snack: Popcorn, Rap Snack

  • Favorite Restaurant: Char, Coletta's, Osaka

  • Favorite Store: Target, 5 Below, TJ MaxiMichaels, Ross

  • Favorite Color: Green

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Denise Young

  • Birthday: June 28

  • Favorite Snack: Nuts, Sugar-Free Reeses, sugar free jello

  • Favorite Restaurant: Chick-fil-a, Huey's, Zaxbys

  • Favorite Store: Amazon,  Kroger, Walmart, Lowes

  • Favorite Color: Yellow & Blue

  • Classroom Needs: Electric Pencil Sharpener

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Dinesha Johnson

  • Birthday: April 28

  • Favorite Snack: Peanut M&M, Snickers, Frost Cupcakes

  • Favorite Restaurant:Southern Social, Coastal Fish, Moondance

  • Favorite Store: Target, Amazon

  • Favorite Color: Mint, Aqua, Pink

  • Classroom Needs: Dry Erase Markers, Pencils, Erasers

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Kendra Morris

  • Birthday: April 10

  • Favorite Snack: Chips, Granola Bars

  • Favorite Restaurant: Long Horn, Chick-Fil-A

  • Favorite Store: Target, Amazon Walmart, Knowledge Tree

  • Favorite Color: Red & Royal Blue

  • Classroom Needs: Card Stock, Construction Paper, Copy Paper

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  • Birthday: November 9th

  • Favorite Snack: Chips, Chocolate

  • Favorite Restaurant: Longhorn, Osaka, Chick-Fil-A

  • Favorite Store: Target, Amazon

  • Favorite Color: Green

  • Classroom Needs: Books &  Pencils

Gabby Davis

  • Birthday: April 10

  • Favorite Snack: Fruit, chocolate, cheesy things

  • Favorite Restaurant: Grub Hub, Uber Eats

  • Favorite Store: Sephora, Amazon, Barnes & Noble

  • Favorite Color: Yellow

  • Classroom Needs: Chapter Books, Flexible Seating, Board Games, Treasure Box Treats

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Mary Kendrick

  • Birthday: August 10

  • Favorite Snack: Hot Fries, Hot Chips, Hersheys, Reeses

  • Favorite Restaurant:Chick-fil-a, Sonic, Zaxbys, Kami

  • Favorite Store: Target, Best Buy, Knowledge Tree

  • Favorite Color: Blue

  • Classroom Needs: Sheet Protectors, Books, Dry Erase Erasers, Regular Erasers

Mario Diaz

Annette Gladney

  • Birthday: July 13

  • Favorite Snack: Reeses, Diet Dr. Pepper, Potato Chips

  • Favorite Restaurant: Longhorn

  • Favorite Store: Macys

  • Favorite Color: Pink, Green

  • Class Wish List: Leather Teacher Chair

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Anthony Edwards

  • Birthday: September 2

  • Favorite Snack: Any

  • Favorite Restaurant: Any

  • Favorite Store: Any

  • Favorite Color: Red

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Heather Blount

  • 4th Grade Teacher

  • Favorite Snack:

  • Favorite Restaurant:

  • Favorite Store:

  • Favorite Team:

  • Favorite Color

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Allison Martin

  • Birthday: December 21

  • Favorite Snack: Diet Coke

  • Favorite Restaurant: Ecco

  • Favorite Store:TJ Maxx, Marshalls

  • Favorite Color: Yellow

  • Classroom Needs: Electric Pencils Sharpener

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  • Birthday: December 19

  • Favorite Snack: Crunch Munch, Nuts, Popcorn

  • Favorite Restaurant: Houstons, Flight, Capitol Grill, TX Roadhouse

  • Favorite Store: Tanger Outlet, Dillards, TJ Maxx

  • Favorite Color: Pink & Green

  • Classroom Needs: Teacher Desk & Chair

Yvette Salter

Tracy Brown

  • Birthday: June 6

  • Favorite Snack: Cheetos, Snickers, Twix, Reeses

  • Favorite Restaurant:Texas Roadhouse, ChickFilA

  • Favorite Store: Walmart, Lane Bryant, Target

  • Favorite Color: Purple

  • Class Wish List: Leather Teacher Chair

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Adam Coleman

  • Birthday: December 17

  • Favorite Snack: Diet Coke, Dot's Pretzels

  • Favorite Restaurant: Hueys, Central BBQ, Hattie B's

  • Favorite Store: Amazon, Target

  • Favorite Color: Blue

  • Classroom Needs: Classroom Library Books

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Meghan Taylor

  • Birthday: March 5th

  • Favorite Snack: (Gluten Free) Nature Valley Bars, Chocolate

  • Favorite Restaurant: Babalu, Panera, Chick-Fil-A

  • Favorite Store: Trader Joes, Starbucks, Hoby Lobby, Target