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1. What is the GPTO?

  • Glad you asked! You can find out more about the GPTO HERE

2.Who is on the GPTO?

  • The GPTO consists of anyone that wants to join. All are welcome. For a list of officers and current chairs, click HERE.

3. I need school supply lists and I just can't find them. Where can I get a list please?

  • Certainly! Click HERE.

4. Tell me about the pick up and drop off situation? How do I do this?

  • HERE is a page with diagrams, but we promise it's not as confusing as it seems the first couple times. 

5. UNIFORMS!?! What can my kids wear to school?

  • The dress code is pretty straightforward. HERE is the page with that info.

6. Do you have required reading over the summer for kids?

  • The optional students going in to 2nd thru 5th typically do have summer reading. Click the "more" link in our top nav bar and when we have it, there will be a page for it. 

7. Do you have any clubs or extracurricular activities my kid can sign up for?

  • SURE DO! Click HERE for more info.

8. Aftercare, what are my options?

9. I'd like to know a little about my teacher, and maybe get his/her email address or see what needs the class has that maybe the supply list doesn't cover. How can I do that?

10. I know you do fundraisers here. What are they and how can I help?

  • Well, we have 2 larger fundraisers. The FUN RUN in November, which is our biggest and main source of income, and then our Spring Fundraiser, which changes yearly. We also sell Mardi Gras beads each February to help send a 5th grade child on the out of town field trip. If you're interested in helping out with any of these, please CONTACT US.


11. How do I become a GPTO member?

  • We have a membership form RIGHT HERE. You can make a donation thru that form, via PayPal (, cash (drop it in the black box in the front office), or thru check/money order (made out to GPTO). There is no actual membership fee, but donations are always welcomed. 

12. We have a lot of half days this year, how does dismissal on those days work?

  • Half day dismissal is just like any other day, only earlier. Mr Johnson begins dismissal procedures around 11:45 and children should be released to their normal spot shortly thereafter. Any changes to this procedure will be noted in a flyer in your child's take-home folder. All kids WILL HAVE LUNCH, it will begin around 9:30am and will run until around 11:30.

13. When will I be notified of who my child’s teacher is?

  • If your child is in the optional program, you should know on Gear Up for School Day (check the calendar for this date, it is normally a week before school begins).

  • If your child is in the scholar program, you can find out on the first day of classes. Lists and names will be posted in one of the hallways (which hallway changes/varies, so you will have to find that out when you go inside).

  • If your child is starting Kindergarten, typically you are notified a few days prior to the first day. Your child's teacher will call you and let you know what date your child will start school. Kindergarten staggers the first week so they only attend 1 day that week. This allows the teachers and the children to get to know the building and each other in a smaller group setting. They will begin attending every day the 2nd week of classes.

14. Will my child get snack?

  • This depends upon the teacher. Most classes do have some kind of snack time, but that will be addressed on a class by class basis.


15. Will my child get a nap?

  • Unless specifically stated by your child's teacher, there are no naps.


16. Can I walk my child to class?

  • The first week of class (the first 2 weeks for Kindergarten) parents are allowed to walk their children to class, after that all parents must stay outside of the building.


17. When does my child eat lunch?

  • See HERE for the lunch schedule.


18. Can my child eat breakfast at school? What time? 

  • Yes! Breakfast begins at 7:45. See our pick up and drop off procedures for more information regarding breakfast HERE.


19. Who can I contact about Aftercare?

  • Aftercare info can be found HERE.


20. Who can I contact about the Optional program? ESL? PreK? CLUE?

  • You can call the school at 901-416-5952. They can assist you with information regarding these programs. HERE is the optional FAQ document as well. 


21. Where can I park?

  • Please see the parking and drop off/pick up page HERE. There is a front and back parking lot that can be utilized. If all spaces are taken, spillover parking is on Tutwiler.


22. How can I get a PowerSchool account?

  • The school will give it to you. If you don't get it/don't know it, contact them at 901-416-5952.


23. My child needs immunizations, is there a SCS clinic I can use?


24. What is the absence and tardy policy? 

  • This is created and maintained by the Shelby County Schools. See page 12 of the student handbook HERE.


25. Who do I notify if my child misses school? What is required?

  • You can write a note or send a doctor's note to the school. See page 12 and 13 in the student handbook HERE for more details. 


26. I’m interested in learning more about preK CLUE or the elementary CLUE?


27. Grahamwood is so awesome. How do I enroll my child if we are not in district...

  • You can call the school at 901-416-5952. They can assist you with information regarding these programs.

28. If I want to chaperone a field trip, how do I do that?

  • Contact Ms McKinney at the school at 901-416-5952. She should be able to assist you with this.

This page is always undergoing additions - so if we haven't answered a question you have (or a question you had when you started Grahamwood that you think would help others) - SEND US AN EMAIL and let us know so we can add it. 

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