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Sign Ups for Grahamwood Math Club (3:15 pm to 4:45 pm), Fridays (August 25th through December 1st)

Grahamwood Math Club (3:15 pm to 4:45pm), Fridays (August 25th - December 1st)

“Create A Lifetime Love for Mathematics and Discover the Genius in your Child”

“Enhance your child’s Concentration, Observation, Visualization,

Imagination & Memory skills, Problem Solving & Critical Thinking

by Advancing their Arithmetic skills”

  • Limited kids for more personal attention

  • Individual growth program

  • Programs are well received by Principals and Parents

Click below for the admission form and reserve the seat now as admissions are on first come first serve basis and we take limited kids


Mental Math Abacus

Mathematics made easy with Abacus

E mail:

901-277-3616 (please leave message)


Tia C. James, Ed.S (Asst. Principal-Grahamwood Elementary)---“Abacus Math has been the best investment for my daughter. It has given her the best start in understanding numbers, sequencing, and even place value. I have seen tremendous growth in her addition and subtraction skills. We can’t wait to continue our learning through Abacus Math!”

Pook Lane—“My son, Stefan Lane, has been with Mrs.Alpa Patel since he as a second grader at Bailey Station. He always enjoyed the after school math classes. Mrs.Patel is a very caring and able teacher. He is now in STEM Math at Schilling Farms Middle School and has continuing his higher math lessons with MMA. Mrs. Patel doesn’t only teach what’s in the text book, but she also teaches the logic of math as well. I am very grateful that we has her as my son’s teacher.”

Lu Hwang DeSantis --- “ 100% agree with these endorsements. Ms.Alpa has created in my son a love for learning math- something that will go beyond the classroom. So grateful that Crosswinds provides us access to math club. Can’t wait for our two year old to start in a few years.

Hill Family (Home schooling)—“Thank you so much for all you have done and continue to do for our boys. You are a great blessing to our family. It hurts my head to just read the math problems my boy and his incredible math teacher Miss Alpa Patel take on ;) and they just wiz through it with their abacus and mental math. Love!”

Violetta Couture --- “ Both my children have taken Abacus and Singapore Math within last 5 years after school at Crosswind Elementary. They both have benefited greatly from this program that allowed my oldest to progress into advanced math classes. My youngest daughter is having lots of fun with extra math, thanks to the teacher’s enthusiasm, personal attention and small group environment. I highly recommend this program.”

Check out more testimonials, program details and class room videos

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