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Be a Virtual Volunteer!

For the parents not able to be at the school regularly to volunteer, there are still things you can do for the school and the teachers that will make a tremendous impact:

For example:

Donate Keurig K-Cups for the teachers lounge.

Donate really practical school supplies. (for example, notebooks, pencils, markers and copier paper - these materials should be sent to Ms. Henderson, school guidance counselor)

Get all your friends and family to clip and collect Boxtops for the school - each is worth $.10 so these really add up fast! Just think what kind of impact you could make as your group's Boxtop leader! Boxtops are due October 7th to your classroom. The class with the most Boxtops earns a PARTY!!!

Rally your friends and family to all link up their Kroger Community Rewards PLUS Cards to Grahamwood, and if you shop at Amazon, shop through Grahamwood's link.

Also, offer to help your teacher collate/sort papers as needed.

Meet the other classroom parents and do some fundraising for your classroom. All the teachers have continual supply needs throughout the year. Get to know the other parents in your child's class and ask the teacher what supplies are needed to round out the learning experience. Pool your donations!

There are multiple ways to get involved from your home or office. Getting started is the hardest part.

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