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Suds Laundry Sponsors Grahamwood!

Kindergarteners Avery and Salvador show off the clean clothes in Grahamwood’s clothes closet!

Grahamwood Elementary is excited to have Suds Laundry (664 Waring Road) as a school sponsor again this year. The owner, Elizabeth Wilson, has provided our families in need with vouchers for free laundry services at her business through her Loads of Love campaign. “Our goal,” states Ms. Wilson, “is to eliminate all truancy, bullying, and academic issues related to the lack of clean clothes in school.” Over the summer, Suds Laundry very generously cleaned all the donated clothes in the school clothes closet. “We can never thank all of those enough who support our students and families,” states Grahamwood’s Optional Coordinator Dr. Jack Maxwell. “It’s incredible what Suds Laundry is doing for our students. All I can say is thank you for giving back. We have the deepest respect for your commitment to our families and community.”

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