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Memphis Symphony Performs at Grahamwood

Grahamwood students enjoy a visit from the symphony!

Students at Grahamwood Elementary School were treated to a performance by a woodwind portion of the Memphis Symphony Orchestra. They played music while our very own 5th grade Optional teacher Rachel Helton read the accompanying story, The Curious Garden by Peter Brown. Pictures from the book were projected onto the big screen to provide a multimedia experience for the students. “The students were very excited to participate, especially as the musicians introduced of their instruments. They loved it!”, stated Orff Music teacher Danyelle Harris. “We use programs like this to instill in our students a lifelong appreciation of music.” Grahamwood is proud of its long tradition of developing and utilizing community partnerships to create unique learning opportunities that expand our students’ academic and cultural horizons. We applaud Grahamwood’s Orff Music teachers for making this possible.

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